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One-of-a-Kind Advertising Opportunities


Rent a Billboard

A billboard along the side of a major highway can draw all kinds of traffic to your business, but most of the time drivers ignore these passing advertisements. Our exhibit features several miniature billboards which are seen by over 30,000 visitors annually - each visitor paying special attention to the smallest details our display has to offer. They want to see what our billboards are advertising, as the billboards are a part of the exhibit. This means more quality impressions and a higher ROI for you!

Sponsor a Bus

Looking for a unique way to promote your tour company or special group? Look no further! Our exhibit is full of miniature vehicles - trains, cars, trolleys, and even tour buses! These miniature tour buses can be painted to any custom color scheme and logo decals can be applied to help spread the word of your tour company or group. Let us know when your group is visiting and we'll make sure to have your bus front and center for your clients to see!

More Advertising Opportunities Coming Soon

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